Our Honey Bee Training Missions Are Working To Improve Haitian Lives

Bo Sterk, Founder of Bees Beyond Border, teamed up with Bees for Development, Bees Abroad, and Apimondia in a Haitian beekeeping relief in 2014. Bees Beyond Borders does volunteer work in Haiti with local beekeepers. This is a grassroots effort by everyone involved. To survive as a nation, the Haitians have come to understand the value of education. We help keep Haitians employed allowing them to feed their families by creating a sustainable income with beekeeping. Honey sales = Better Food, Better Health, and Better Education.

We have seen the Haitian apiaries grow. One beekeeper’s standard of living has improved to the point that he has been able to attend college.


10 MillionPopulation
13000Honey Bee Colonies

Donations to the Haitian Fund, will save the bees, educate the people, and in turn feed the families of the poorest of the poor.


Contact us on how to donate. One-hundred percent of all donations go to the Bees Beyond Border’s mission. It is a volunteer effort.