Educating People In The Art Of Beekeeping

It is amazing the impact a honey bee can have on a community. The Caribbean is the likely the birthplace of Apiculture in the Western World. Beekeeping was first introduced by the early Spanish explorers around 1500 in Hispaniola. As well as being needed for pollinating crops, bees produce honey and beeswax. This becomes a sustainable income producer for many farmers in economically challenged countries.

Bees Beyond Borders is comfortable In the field and in the lecture hall We are enthusiastic about our work. We tailor our presentations and workshops to beginners and advanced agricultural agents. We bring the latest information and techniques to the beekeeper. Apiculture helps keeps a strong agriculture base in the Caribbean. Everyone needs to eat and eat locally with fresh crops.

Bees Beyond Borders
sharing knowledge and expertise on beekeeping


  • November 6, 2022
  • December 2022
November 6, 2022

Dr.  Heather Mattila | GIANT Killer Hornets

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December 2022

Completed Education Missions

Barbados Nassau
Dominica St. Croix
Eleuthera St. Kitts / Nevis
Grand Bahama St. Lucia
Grenada St. Vincent / Grenadines
Guyana Trinidad / Tobago

It was Bo’s fascination of nature, his passion for collecting insects, and an opportunity that took him into the study of bees and beekeeping. Besides being influenced by an uncle who kept bees in Ohio, a local artist in St. Augustine started doing apitherapy for her MS. Since there were not many beekeepers in the neighborhood.

Dr. Larry Connor, Bee Culture Magazine View The Article